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"I found the Oragene/saliva sample collection kit very simple to use. The protocol was easy to follow and time-saving permitting me to perform the extraction amplification and analysis steps in a single day."

Melissa Boweman,
Plexagen Diagnostics Ltd.

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Important Notice: DNA Genotek will be discontinuing the manufacture and sale of prepIT•C2D (PT-C2D) extraction columns. This product will be available while supplies last or until August 2013. Read more.


Optimized spin column-based extraction for saliva and tissue samples

When collecting saliva and tissue samples for genetic analysis and testing, a critical step is extracting high quality DNA. The prepIT®•C2D Genomic DNA MiniPrep Kit is reliable, user friendly and is available in a convenient 50 preparation format.

  • Incredible value – allows for processing of 4 times as much liquid saliva sample compared to other column-based kits (1000 μL of sample)
  • Optimized chemistry for easy extraction of DNA from saliva and tissue samples
  • Equivalent performance to leading column manufacturers
  • Provides consistent results with high molecular weight, high quality DNA
  • DNA suitable for a wide range of downstream applications
  • Easy convenient workflow with complete technical support from collection through extraction
  • Cost effective method that requires minimal equipment
† Optimized for saliva samples collected with the Oragene® product line and ORAcollect®•DNA.

prepIT•C2D is for research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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DNA Genotek's sample collection devices and nucleic acid stabilization chemistries are protected by issued and pending patents in numerous countries around the world.
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