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"Peformagene kits have greatly benefited our project. To be able to get high quality and quantity bankhar DNA through such a quick and easy process, even while wearing thick gloves in the Mongolian winter, is truly remarkable."

Douglas Lally,
Nomadic Guardian's Foundation
Bankhar Project Field Coordinator

Performagene (PG-100)

Collect superior DNA samples for animal genetics

Performagene is a simple all-in-one non-invasive swab kit for the collection, stabilization and transportation of animal DNA samples.

Our animal DNA collection kits offer ease of use and proven reliability across all animal collection environments - be it the barn, the field, the clinic or the home.

Proven performance for a range of animal applications including genotyping, sequencing, parentage, DNA diagnostics & bio-banking.

Ideal for use with livestock (bovine, ovine, caprine), companion animals (canine, equine) and other species by breeders, researchers and laboratories.

DNA Genotek's sample collection devices and nucleic acid stabilization chemistries are protected by issued and pending patents in numerous countries around the world.
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