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"I found the Oragene/saliva sample collection kit very simple to use. The protocol was easy to follow and time-saving permitting me to perform the extraction amplification and analysis steps in a single day."

Melissa Boweman,
Plexagen Diagnostics Ltd.

Accessories for Assisted Collection

Collect high quality DNA samples

For a complete solution, you must choose either the CS-1 or the CS-2 with the Oragene•DISCOVER (OGR-250 format) kit or the Oragene•RNA (RE-100 format) kit.

CS-1 for Assisted Collection
CS-2 for Assisted Collection

Accessories for Gut Microbiome Collections

A simple, easy-to-use and mailable toilet accessory for at-home stool collection.

The OM-AC1 toilet accessory pack is used with OMNIgene-Gut to facilitate the collection of fecal (stool) samples.

The OM-AC2 is a collection accessory for liquid fecal samples for use with the OMNIgene•GUT.

OM-AC1: Toilet Accessory
OM-AC2: Collection accessory for liquid fecal samples (Bristol type 7)

Accessories for Sample Storage

DNA Genotek’s sample storage boxes are designed to provide convenient sample storage.

SO-1: Sample Storage Box

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DNA Genotek's sample collection devices and nucleic acid stabilization chemistries are protected by issued and pending patents in numerous countries around the world.
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