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"By using HOMIM (Human Oral Microbe Identification Microarray), we demonstrated that saliva samples stored in OMNIgene•ORAL were indeed stabilized for at least 3 weeks, even at 37° Celsius. This is outstanding! Consequently, I think OMNIgene•ORAL would be very useful for remote collections alleviating the need for a -80° freezer or, for that matter, any refrigeration to preserve samples. This is an incredible benefit for any investigator who is interested in preserving precious clinical samples, especially for use with molecular analyses of genomic material."

Bruce J. Paster, Ph.D.
Director, Human Microbe Identification Microarray Core
Head, Department of Molecular Genetics
The Forsyth Institute

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Collect superior samples for molecular detection of microbial nucleic acids


OMNIgene•VAGINAL for microbiome is a device for the easy self-collection and stabilization of DNA and RNA for microbiome profile analysis.

Complete donor user instructions for this product are available here.

Key Features

  • Easy self-collection of high quality DNA and RNA from vaginal samples
  • Provides a snapshot of the microbial profile at time of collection
  • Optimal sample capture and release
  • Maintain DNA & RNA integrity during typical ambient temperature fluctuations (e.g., -20°C to 30°C) for up to 30 days
  • Compatible with molecular downstream applications


  • Collect microbial nucleic acids from one vaginal sample
  • Minimize bias introduced by microbial growth and nucleic acid degradation
  • Eliminate the costs associated with temperature controlled shipping
  • Minimize noise in your data analysis with reliable microbiota profile

OMNIgene•VAGINAL is for research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Full terms and conditions for all DNA Genotek products are available here.

DNA Genotek's sample collection devices and nucleic acid stabilization chemistries are protected by issued and pending patents in numerous countries around the world.
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