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"By using HOMIM (Human Oral Microbe Identification Microarray), we demonstrated that saliva samples stored in OMNIgene•ORAL were indeed stabilized for at least 3 weeks, even at 37° Celsius. This is outstanding! Consequently, I think OMNIgene•ORAL would be very useful for remote collections alleviating the need for a -80° freezer or, for that matter, any refrigeration to preserve samples. This is an incredible benefit for any investigator who is interested in preserving precious clinical samples, especially for use with molecular analyses of genomic material."

Bruce J. Paster, Ph.D.
Director, Human Microbe Identification Microarray Core
Head, Department of Molecular Genetics
The Forsyth Institute

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OMNIgene•ORAL (OM-505)

All-in-one system for the collection and rapid stabilization of microbial nucleic acids

Microarrays and Next Generation Sequencing give researchers the ability to easily detect and quantitate molecular targets in a highly multiplexed fashion. Due to the complex nature of samples required for metagenomic research of the microbiome, bias can be easily introduced through improper sample collection, stabilization and transport.

  • Provides a snapshot of the microbial profile at time of collection and prevents microbial growth
  • Stabilizes RNA at room temperature and DNA up to 37°C for 3 weeks
  • Easy self-collection of high quality DNA and RNA from oral samples
  • Eliminates the need for cold chain transportation
  • Compatible with downstream applications (e.g., RT-qPCR, microarray)

Complete donor user instructions for this product are available here.


  • Stabilizes samples at point of collection ensuring the DNA and RNA is unchanged at time of processing
  • Facilitates simultaneous detection of DNA and RNA from bacteria and viruses all from one sample
  • Reduces transportation and storage cost and complexity with 3 weeks of ambient temperature stability of DNA and RNA
  • Enables identification of the living or metabolically active bacteria at time of collection through RNA expression profiling
  • Format compatible with high-throughput processing increases efficiency and minimizes sample handling errors

Supporting evidence

EBV1, HHV-82,3, CMV4
HCV5, HIV5,6
E. coli9
Extraction systems
Abbott m20005,6, Qiagen MinElute8
Downstream applications
qPCR1,2,3, Microarray7

1 Stability, recovery efficiency and detection limit of human viral DNA in OMNIgene®•ORAL (OM-505). DNA Genotek. PD-WP-00028.
2 High quality microbial DNA collected with OMNIgene•ORAL enables detection of HHV-8 in saliva. DNA Genotek. MK-00018.
3 Evaluation of a new commercial kit for detection of human herpesvirus 8 (HHV-8) in saliva.
4 Genotyping of cytomegalovirus from toddlers’ saliva samples collected with OMNIgene•ORAL. DNA Genotek. MK-00050.
5 Compatibility of saliva collected using OMNIgene•ORAL (OM-505) with the Abbott m2000rt RealTime System for the detection of viral RNA. DNA Genotek. PD-WP-00025.
6 OMNIgene•ORAL (OM-505) stabilizes RNA from human viruses at room temperature for several weeks. DNA Genotek. PD-WP-00024.
7 OMNIgene•ORAL stabilizes microbial DNA profiles in oral fluid samples, enables more precise characterization of oral flora. DNA Genotek. MK-00090.
8 OM-505 Microbial DNA and RNA purification protocol using QIAGEN® QIAamp® MinElute Virus Spin Kit. DNA Genotek. PD-PR-00214.
9 Internal validation using OM-505 extraction8 in house RT-qPCR.

Product Specifications

Pre-use with packaging:

  • Dimensions: 14.0 x 8.0 x 2.8 cm
  • Weight: 39 g
  • Shelf-life: 24 months

Post Sample Collection Specifications

Standard false bottom tube:

  • Tube diameter: 16 mm
  • Tube height (without cap): 93 mm
  • Sample stability: 3 weeks


OMNIgene•ORAL is for research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Full terms and conditions for all DNA Genotek products are available here.

OMNIgene•ORAL (OM-505)

Data Sheets

Other Languages:

PD-BR-00202: Optimized microbiome collection solutions (pdf)

PD-BR-00201: Microbiome-On-Demand™ – Turnkey solutions to power microbiome discovery (pdf)

Scientific Poster (MK-00090): OMNIgene®•ORAL stabilizes microbial DNA profiles in oral fluid samples, enables more precise characterization of oral flora (pdf)

MK-00246: DNA from saliva is a reliable sample type for malaria detection (pdf)


PD-PR-00214: OM-505 Microbial DNA and RNA purification protocol using QIAGEN® QIAamp® MinElute® Virus Spin Kit (pdf)

PD-PR-00573: OMNIgene®•ORAL (OM-501, OM-505) manual purification of microbial DNA using DNA Genotek’s prepIT®•L2P DNA extraction kit (pdf)

PD-PR-00574: OMNIgene®•ORAL (OM-505) RNA purification protocol using MoBIO PowerMicrobiome™ RNA Isolation Kit (pdf)

PD-PR-00575: OMNIgene®•ORAL (OM-505) DNA purification protocol using Epicentre MasterPure™ Complete DNA and RNA Purification Kit (pdf)

Scientific Publications

The paper “Surveillance of Acute Respiratory Infections Using Community Submitted Symptoms and Specimens for Molecular Diagnostic Testing”.

Neiswanger, Katherine et al. Oral Health in a Sample of Pregnant Women from Northern Appalachia (2011-2015). International Journal of Dentistry. Volume 2015 Article ID 469376, 12 pages.

Descamps V et al. Saliva Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay for Detection and Follow-up of Herpesvirus Reactivation in Patients with Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms (Dress). JAMA Dermatol. Epub ahead of print (2013).

White Papers

PD-WP-00041: Saliva as a proven, non-invasive sample type for molecular malaria testing and surveillance using OMNIgene®•ORAL at ambient temperatures (pdf)

PD-WP-00035: Evaluation of saliva-derived Plasmodium falciparum DNA using the OMNIgene®•ORAL kit in detection of malaria (pdf)

PD-WP-00024: OMNIgene®•ORAL (OM-505) stabilizes RNA from human viruses at room temperature for several weeks (pdf)

PD-WP-00025: Compatibility of saliva collected using OMNIgene®•ORAL (OM-505) with the Abbott m2000rt RealTime System for the detection of viral RNA (pdf)

PD-WP-00028: Stability, recovery efficiency and detection limit of viral DNA in OMNIgene®•ORAL (OM-505) (pdf)

User Instructions

OM-505 Donor User Instructions

Material Safety Data Sheets

PD-MSDS-00023: OMNIgene•ORAL OM-505 MSDS (pdf)


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