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"I found the Oragene/saliva sample collection kit very simple to use. The protocol was easy to follow and time-saving permitting me to perform the extraction amplification and analysis steps in a single day."

Melissa Boweman,
Plexagen Diagnostics Ltd.

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Oragene•DISCOVER (OGR-250)
2 ml sample volume

Collect superior samples for your genetic analysis

All genetic research starts with the collection of DNA samples. Collect reliable samples with an all-in-one system for the collection, stabilization and transportation of DNA from saliva.

  • Non-invasive, reliable self-collection that increases compliance and decreases costs
  • DNA from saliva is equivalent to DNA from blood for downstream applications
  • Sample remains stable for years at room temperature, reducing transportation and storage costs
  • Sample can be mailed using the standard postal system
  • Ideal for use with children or donors that will not comply with blood collections

Collection method comparison

Blood Collection
Oral Collection
Venous blood
Buccal swabs
Oragene•DISCOVER (OGR-250)
Non-invasive collection
Specimen stability at room temperature
Low bacterial content
(up to 60%
bacterial content)
(up to 90%
bacterial content)
(median 11.8%
bacterial content)
Median DNA yield
30 µg
35 µg
2 µg
110 µg
Sample size
1 mL
10 mL‡
1 swab
2 mL
Molecular weight
> 23 kb
> 23 kb
< 23 kb
> 23 kb
Shipping at ambient temperature
Ideal for non-compliant

† Birnboim, H.C., Iwasiow, R.M. and James, C.M.P. (2008). Human genomic DNA content of saliva samples collected with the Oragene self-collection kit. DNA Genotek. PD-WP-011.
Volume of mouthwash used for sample collection.


CS-1 for children with scissors for mailing studies
CS-2 for children without scissors for centralized collection

Full terms and conditions for all DNA Genotek products are available here.
Oragene•DISCOVER is for research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Oragene•DISCOVER (OGR-250)
2 ml sample volume

Data Sheets

PD-BR-00045: Oragene•DISCOVER (OGR-250) data sheet (pdf)

MK-BR-018: Event-based Collection (pdf)

MK-BR-00026: Service and support – DNA Genotek's commitment (pdf)

MK-00493: Infographic – The Oragene Advantage – DNA from saliva is driving genetic discoveries.

MK-00098: Infographic – DNA from saliva vs blood. Who wins the cost battle?

MK-BR-00032: Oragene/saliva samples proven on NGS and microarrays


Oragene/DNA from saliva seminar presentation (Research Use Only)

DNA collection from saliva and end-to-end services.

What discoveries will you make using Oragene?

What would you tell a peer about Oragene?

Impact of sample type and analytical methods on NGS data quality.

Dr. Paul Arnold of the Hospital for Sick Children shares his research work into OCD in children using Oragene.

Why I use Oragene. Watch this video and learn why so many customers choose Oragene.

User Instructions

Complete OGR-250 Collection Instructions

Material Safety Data Sheets

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Mailing Accessories


CS-1 for children with scissors for mailing studies

CS-2 for children without scissors for centralized collection


Laboratory protocols for manual purification of DNA using DNA Genotek's prepIT•L2P DNA extraction kit

PD-PR-010: Maximizing DNA yield with the Oragene® self-collection kit (pdf)

PD-PR-040: RNA removal by double-RNase digestion (pdf)

PD-PR-065: Bacterial DNA assay (pdf)

PD-PR-075: DNA Quantification using SYBR Green I Dye and Micro-Plate Reader (pdf)

PD-PR-00212: Oragene®/saliva sample purification using the Puregene® DNA purification kit (pdf)

PD-PR-00466: How to obtain a USPS Business Reply Mail (BRM) label artwork for a DNA Genotek two-way mailer box (pdf)

Application Notes & White Papers

PD-WP-001: DNA yield with an Oragene® self-collection kit (pdf)

PD-WP-006: "Super-pasteurization" of Oragene®/saliva samples (pdf)

PD-WP-009: Mailing Solutions (pdf)

PD-WP-011: Human genomic DNA content of saliva samples collected with the Oragene® self-collection kit (pdf)

PD-WP-00030: Dye-free quantification of Oragene®/saliva DNA extracts using the Trinean DropSense96® droplet reader and cDrop™ spectral analysis software (pdf)

MK-AN-003: Compatibility of the PUREGENE® DNA Purification Kit with Oragene•DNA DNA Collection (pdf)

MK-AN-004: Comparison of DNA purified with prepIT™•L2P and the QIAamp™ mini kit (pdf)

MK-AN-00029: Automated extraction of gDNA from Oragene® saliva samples using the QIAGEN® QIAsymphony® SP (pdf)

Storage & Stability

PD-PR-012: Long-term storage of Oragene®/saliva samples (pdf)

PD-WP-005: Long-term stability of DNA from saliva samples stored in the Oragene® self-collection kit (pdf)

MK-AN-001: GenPlates® for the storage of DNA from Oragene®/saliva samples (pdf)

Compatibility with Automated Purification Systems

Automated DNA purification from Oragene saliva samples using the Maxwell 16 system

MK-AN-005: Compatibility of the AUTOPURE® with the Oragene® self-collection kit (pdf)

MK-AN-006: High-throughput DNA purification with the Qiagen BioRobot EZ1 (pdf)

MK-AN-007: High-throughput DNA purification with the Magtration® 12GC (pdf)

MK-AN-024: Automated extraction of gDNA from Oragene®saliva samples using the Tecan Freedom® EVO liquid handling platform and the Promega MagaZorb® DNA mini-prep kit (pdf)

Oragene is compatible with the GeneMole benchtop instrument for automated nucleic acid purification (pdf)

Downstream Applications

MK-AN-009: Detection of LDL receptor mutations by PCR, PCR-RFLP and Southern analysis (pdf)

MK-AN-010: Oragene®/saliva samples and DNA sequencing with ABI PRISM® (pdf)

MK-AN-011: DNA from Oragene®/saliva samples is compatible with TaqMan® SNP genotyping (pdf)

MK-AN-012: DNA from Oragene®/saliva samples and whole genome amplification with GenomiPhi™ (pdf)

MK-AN-013: DNA from Oragene®/saliva samples is ideal for long-range PCR (pdf)

MK-AN-014: SNP genotyping of DNA from Oragene®/saliva samples with SNPstream® (pdf)

MK-AN-015: DNA from Oragene®/saliva samples and GenomePlex® whole genome amplification (pdf)

MK-AN-016: DNA from Oragene®/saliva samples and REPLI-g® whole genome amplification (pdf)

MK-AN-017: From turbidity to clarity: Simple methods to improve the A260/A280 ratio of Oragene®-purified DNA samples (pdf)

MK-AN-018: Sex determination of DNA from Oragene®/saliva samples using ReaX™ Mastermix PCR beads (pdf)

DNA Genotek's sample collection devices and nucleic acid stabilization chemistries are protected by issued and pending patents in numerous countries around the world.
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