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"I found the Oragene/saliva sample collection kit very simple to use. The protocol was easy to follow and time-saving permitting me to perform the extraction amplification and analysis steps in a single day."

Melissa Boweman,
Plexagen Diagnostics Ltd.

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DNA Genotek has made the human readable barcode larger and easier to read on the
ORAcollect for Pediatrics (OC-175) product. Please see the Product Change Notification here.

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ORAcollect for Pediatrics (OC-175)

Painless and reliable DNA collection with ORAcollect for Pediatrics

ORAcollect for pediatrics is a painless and easy-to-use DNA collection kit that can be used by parents or trained professionals. The kit is designed for young donors, offering a non-invasive DNA collection experience that is gentle and fast for both the donor and the person assisting. Upon collection the sample is stabilized, eliminating the need for immediate laboratory extraction and analysis.

ORAcollect for pediatrics provides:

  • A fast, reliable and painless way to collect DNA from pediatric donors
  • DNA stability at ambient temperature, simplifying sample transport and laboratory logistics
  • Seamless integration into manual and high throughput lab work flows
  • High quality DNA for use in downstream molecular applications
  • Full sample traceability with integrated barcodes


ORAcollect for pediatrics is a reliable alternative to traditional DNA collection methods and offers several advantages:

  • Painless for the donor – unlike heel pricks or blood draws, sample collection is painless
  • Quick collection protocol – unlike buccal swabs, no drying time is required
  • Bacteriostatic – the DNA stabilizing reagent inhibits the growth of bacteria from time of sample collection to processing
  • Protected sample – DNA remains stable at ambient temperature for 1 year
  • Liquid sample that enables:
    • integration with standard labware
    • easy processing in the lab; no cutting of tips required
    • use with liquid handling robots
    • fewer manual steps to reduce the chance of errors and cross-contamination

Collection method comparison

Blood Collection
Oral Collection
Buccal swab
Non-invasive collection
No special drying step
Standardized tube format for high-throughput processing
Liquid sample
Specimen stability at room temperature
1 Year
No cold chain required

ORAcollect for pediatrics is for research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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