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"DNA Genotek's Partner Program is enabling partners like us to successfully grow our businesses by delivering the tools and support to help us take advantage of the growing genomics market.

DNA Genotek is committed to providing a robust partner program to further improve our ability to help our clients with their processing, long term storage and distribution of human genetic samples using the Oragene family of products."

Steve Turner,
Facility Manager,
Genetic Repositories Australia

DNA Genotek Partner Program
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The DNA Genotek Partner Program is designed to foster stronger, more dynamic and mutually-beneficial relationships between DNA Genotek and our partners. The ultimate aim is to help connect our customers with an approved service provider or technology vendor that can assist in the processing of samples collected with our products.

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There is no cost involved in becoming a DNA Genotek partner. This is a requirement to complete validation testing on our products and supply the results to us for review and/or publication. Continued eligibility in the program depends on evidence of ongoing activity processing samples collected with DNA Genotek products.

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