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"The collection protocol is very convenient, the extraction is very quick and simple, and the yield is great. Our downstream applications include PCR, restriction enzyme digestion and sequencing. We have collected numerous family members who were not willing to go for a blood draw, as well as children, elderly patients and overseas relatives. The ease of shipping and self-collection are remarkable. Our lab is very impressed with this timely product."

Ruth McPherson, MD, PhD
Nihan Kavaslar, PhD
Lipoproteins and Atherosclerosis Research Group
University of Ottawa Heart Institute

DNA Genotek's webinar program allows you to find out about various aspects of sample collection and its applications from the comfort of your own desk. Each 60-minute DNA Genotek webinar features an educational discussion, case studies, and a Q&A session.


Curating massive amounts of biological material and phenotypic data for robust & reproducible microbiome discovery

Over 100 microbiome-centred therapeutics programs are currently moving through clinical development. Venture and industry investment in the field has topped $1B in the past 5 years. Over that same period, academic research funding has seen compound growth exceeding 20% per year. Of these enormous inputs, what proportion has generated real insight and how much of this output is noise? This short talk will highlight solutions DNA Genotek has deployed for its customers conducting population-scale research and delivering Direct-to-Consumer insights. We make curating massive amounts of biological material and phenotypic information scalable and reproducible.

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Integrating the Microbiome into Your Research

Watch this presentation highlighting how you can effectively integrate the microbiome into any genetic research project.

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Overcoming Challenges in DNA Sample Acquisition for Cancer Research

Obtaining high quality genomic DNA is critical for studies that aim to evaluate the role of genetic factors in cancer. However, cancer research studies often require very large numbers of samples from a dispersed population and non-invasive methods for DNA collection. Saliva samples, which are painless for the donor and relatively easily collected, are quickly becoming the preferred choice. Cancer research groups around the world are now focusing on the potential of this common bodily fluid for detecting the genetic link to the disease and studying genes.

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