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"The collection protocol is very convenient, the extraction is very quick and simple, and the yield is great. Our downstream applications include PCR, restriction enzyme digestion and sequencing. We have collected numerous family members who were not willing to go for a blood draw, as well as children, elderly patients and overseas relatives. The ease of shipping and self-collection are remarkable. Our lab is very impressed with this timely product."

Ruth McPherson, MD, PhD
Nihan Kavaslar, PhD
Lipoproteins and Atherosclerosis Research Group
University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Press Releases – 2015 - 2017

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WeGene selects DNA Genotek’s Oragene collection device for genetic testing and personalized healthcare services

DNA Genotek, a leading provider of sample collection kits and end-to-end services for human genomics, microbiome and infectious disease, today announced it has entered into a multi-year product supply agreement with one of China's leading personal genomics companies.

OraSure Technologies announces settlement of litigation with Ancestry.comDNA

OraSure Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: OSUR) today announced the settlement of litigation for patent infringement and breach of contract filed by its subsidiary, DNA Genotek, Inc. ("DNA Genotek"), against Ancestry.comDNA LLC (“Ancestry”) and Spectrum Solutions LLC ("Spectrum"), Ancestry's contract manufacturer.

DNA Genotek’s OMNIgene®•GUT Kit is Proposed as Standardized Test for Worldwide Studies of the Human Microbiome

Human Longevity Inc. Study on OMNIgene®•GUT Recently Published in Scientific Reports

DNA Genotek Expands its Portfolio of FDA 510(k) Cleared Products

ORAcollect®•Dx Provides 510(k) Cleared Alternative to Buccal Swabs for saliva DNA collection and stabilization

DNA Genotek Inc. Appoints Microbiome Data Scientist as Advisor

Dan Knights, PhD, Brings Deep Experience in Microbiome Analysis and Biomarker Discovery

DNA Genotek Inc. Receives CE-IVD Mark for its OMNIgene®•GUT Microbiome Collection Kit

DNA Genotek, a leading provider of sample collection kits and end-to-end services and a subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: OSUR) today announced that its OMNIgene®•GUT microbiome collection kit has received CE-IVD marking through completion of a comprehensive technical validation and self declaration under the European Directive for In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices.

DNA Genotek Inc. Announces Recipients of Gut Microbiome Grant Program

Three Organizations Awarded Grants to Accelerate Microbiome Research

DNA Genotek Inc. Launches Microbial DNA Self-Collection Kit

DNA Genotek, a leading provider of sample collection kits and end-to-end services today launched OMNIgene•GUT, an all-in-one system designed to easily self-collect high quality microbial DNA from feces for gut microbiome profiling.

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