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"The collection protocol is very convenient, the extraction is very quick and simple, and the yield is great. Our downstream applications include PCR, restriction enzyme digestion and sequencing. We have collected numerous family members who were not willing to go for a blood draw, as well as children, elderly patients and overseas relatives. The ease of shipping and self-collection are remarkable. Our lab is very impressed with this timely product."

Ruth McPherson, MD, PhD
Nihan Kavaslar, PhD
Lipoproteins and Atherosclerosis Research Group
University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Come see us at the following events.

IHMC – International Human Microbiome Congress
Houston, TX
Nov 9-12, 2016
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SIGU (Italian Human Genetics Meeting)
Turino, IT
Nov 23-26, 2016
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PAG XXV – Plant and Animal Genome XXV Conference
San Diego, CA
January 14-18, 2017
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GfH – German Society of Human Genetics - Austrian Society of Human Genetics - Swiss Society of Medical Genetics
Bochum, DE
March 29-31, 2017
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DDW – Digestive Disease Week
Chicago, Illinois
May 7-9, 2017
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ESHG – European Society of Human Genetics
Copenhagen, Denmark
May 27-30, 2017
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