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"The collection protocol is very convenient, the extraction is very quick and simple, and the yield is great. Our downstream applications include PCR, restriction enzyme digestion and sequencing. We have collected numerous family members who were not willing to go for a blood draw, as well as children, elderly patients and overseas relatives. The ease of shipping and self-collection are remarkable. Our lab is very impressed with this timely product."

Ruth McPherson, MD, PhD
Nihan Kavaslar, PhD
Lipoproteins and Atherosclerosis Research Group
University of Ottawa Heart Institute

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The Molecular Club™ Points Program

Before you continue please note, if you purchase through a DNA Genotek distributor/reseller, click here for the program that is applicable to you.

The Molecular Club Points Program (MCPP) is part of a customer appreciation program offered by DNA Genotek Inc. that allows customers who complete enrolment to earn Molecular Club points that can be redeemed for free kits.

To qualify, a customer must conduct genetic or microbiome based research and purchase directly from DNA Genotek*.

Eligible Kits include:

Oragene•DNA Oragene•DISCOVER OMNIgene ORAcollect
for Pediatrics
OC-175 RE-100

The email you use must be the one associated with your Account at DNA Genotek. Once you submit your request, you will receive a follow-up email regarding the status of your Membership.

Earning points

As a confirmed Member of The Molecular Club, you earn 5 points for every Eligible Kit you purchase. Upon Transaction Redemption, you receive one free kit for every 125 points earned. For example, if you previously purchased 125 kits you will have earned 625 points which can be redeemed for 5 free kits. (NOTE: Points earned at time of purchase are applied to a future order.)

125 kits X 5 points = 625 points

625 points / 125 per kit = 5 FREE kits

When you sign up, you will receive a welcome gift of 125 points and your Account balance is already credited with points from any Eligible Purchase made after January 1st, 2015.

In addition to earning points through purchases, Members may earn points for other activities (pertaining to Eligible Product) as highlighted below. Once you notify us through this link (also provided below) we will confirm the activity and update your points accordingly. You will need to submit a separate form for each activity. For example, if you publish a research paper using one of our products, and present your findings as a poster at a conference, you qualify for two activities totalling 2500 points (1250 points X 2 activities).

Activities using our products that earn extra points (Subject to DNA Genotek’s approval)

  • Publication/Poster/Presentation (1250 points)
  • Referral (500 points)
  • Testimonials (250 points)
  • Blog Article (250 points)
  • Social Media (125 points) [i.e.Tweet about using our kits in a project, like us on Facebook]

Account balance and points transfer

For your Molecular Club points Account balance, you may contact your designated representative or request your balance through this link.

Pooling or transferring of points within the same institution is possible under certain circumstances. Work with your DNA Genotek Account Manager to help coordinate pooling or transferring your Molecular Club points. You may also use the link below to request a transfer of points. All parties involved must be registered Molecular Club Members and give written consent from their registered email address.

Important Molecular Club links

Membership sign-up application – submit this form to register for the Molecular Club Points Program

Activity update notification – complete this form to let us know if you’ve participated in any of the above activities to earn extra points

Points Account balance request – fill out this form to request an update on your points balance

Transfer of points request – use this form to request a transfer of points from your Account to another Member in the same institution.

Contact information

Contact your dedicated DNA Genotek Account Manager directly, or call 1 613 723 5757 ext 5, or email points@dnagenotek.com.

All terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. For more information about the terms and conditions, please refer to our Molecular Club Points Program Terms and Conditions tab. If you have questions about the Molecular Club, please contact your Account Manager or email points@dnagenotek.com.

*Eligibility: a customer must conduct genetic or microbiome based research, purchase product directly from DNA Genotek (formats outlined above) and is a registered Member of the Molecular Club.

The Molecular Club™ Points Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to become a Member?

Molecular Club Points Program is absolutely free to join and there are no annual Membership fees.

Can anyone get a Molecular Club Points Program Membership?

To join the Molecular Club, you must be 18 years of age or older and be an academic researcher.

How can I join?

It's easy. You can join the Molecular Club online or you can become a Member by contacting your DNA Genotek representative. You will need to provide your first name, last name a valid e-mail address and name of the institution you work with.

Where can I use my Molecular Club Membership?

You can use your Molecular Club Membership for any Eligible Kit Purchase made directly through DNA Genotek.

Where can I find out what's new with the Molecular Club Points Program?

We do our very best to keep our Members up-to-date on all the great benefits offered with the Molecular Club Membership. By providing an e-mail address, we are able to send you personalized recommendations, and much more. For general program updates, visit www.dnagenotek.com/US/molecularclub.

How do I cancel my Membership?

To cancel your Membership, you can email our Molecular Club Points Program Member services team at points@dnagenotek.com from the email associated with your Molecular Club Membership.

What type of perks do I get as a Member?

Being a Member allows you to earn points for each Eligible Kit Purchase to be applied to future orders of Eligible Kits.

How do I stay informed about any changes to the program?

Make sure to opt-in to receive emails and connect with us on our social networks so you can hear about our offerings.

How do I collect Molecular Club points?

It's easy. You automatically earn points when you purchase Eligible Kits directly from DNA Genotek. Your points will automatically be awarded to your Account. You can also earn points through referrals and other word of mouth feedback with respect to use of Eligible Kits.

The Products Eligible for Molecular Club points collection are posted at www.dnagenotek.com/US/molecularclub and are updated on a periodic basis.

How can I collect Molecular Club points faster?

Take advantage of personalized bonus offers emailed directly to you, or participate in activities garnering extra points as outlined at www.dnagenotek.com/US/molecularclub.

How will I learn about all the bonus Molecular Club points offers?

Ensure we have your most current email address on file to receive personalized bonus offers via email.

How do I keep track of my Molecular Club points?

Ask your DNA Genotek Representative or request an update here.

Are points transferable between Molecular Club Members?

Yes. Transfer Molecular Club points to other Molecular Club Members at the same institution by using the online form here. Some conditions apply. You will be notified by email when your points have successfully been transferred.

Will my Molecular Club points ever expire?

Not as long as you are an active Molecular Club Member. Your Molecular Club points Account will remain active if you have collected at least one Molecular Club point, made a direct purchase with us or redeemed Molecular Club points within the past 18 months. The easiest way to keep your Membership active is to make at least one qualifying purchase every 18 months. If your Molecular Club Account is inactive for 18 months, all accumulated points will be forfeited. Your Molecular Club points will also become void if you cancel your Account.

What if there is an error in my points balance?

If there's a discrepancy with your points balance, please contact our customer service team at points@dnagenotek.com for assistance.

What happens to my points when I return an item?

When you return an item for which Molecular Club points were awarded, the points you earned for that purchase will be deducted from your Account.

How do I redeem my Molecular Club points?

You can redeem your Molecular Club points towards future Eligible Kit purchases. The number of complimentary Eligible Kits provided is based on the number of points collected through previous purchases of Eligible Kits made directly from DNA Genotek. Simply inform your DNA Genotek representative that you would like to redeem points when making your next purchase. The maximum that Members can redeem in a single transaction is 6,250 points or 50 kits.

Why do you need my e-mail address?

We need your unique email address to maintain and properly service your points Account (i.e. to help ensure that only you get access to your points, and to notify you of any relevant program changes). In addition, by providing us with your e-mail address and by opting in to give us consent, we can send you personalized recommendations, Molecular Club bonus points offers, and exclusive Member offers/promotions/events. If you prefer not to receive promotional emails, you may opt out by clicking on unsubscribe at the bottom of any email received from the program or by sending an email to points@dnagenotek.com.

How do I change my contact information?

Notify your DNA Genotek Representative or send an email to points@dnagenotek.com.

Will my Membership information be shared with other companies?

DNA Genotek does not rent or sell our Molecular Club Members’ personal information to any third party organization or individual. The collection of contact information is done so in order to advise Members of Account information, promotions, contests and/or important changes to the program. The information also enables DNA Genotek to customize products or services to better meet your preferences and to offer you products and services from DNA Genotek and other sources that may be of interest to you. Trusted third parties may be used to process/fulfill these communications, and in such cases, appropriate personal information will be given to them to allow for the service to be provided. Contractual or other appropriate means will always be used to ensure third party compliance with our privacy policy and all applicable privacy laws.

We maintain the highest standards with respect to privacy, security and integrity of personal information. For further informationon our detailed privacy policy visit http://www.dnagenotek.com/US/company/privacy.html.

The Molecular Club™ Points Program

Terms and Conditions

Join our loyalty program and be rewarded for using DNA Genotek products

Enjoy 125 bonus points now – just for signing up
Earn 5 points for every kit you purchase
Receive one free kit for every 125 points you redeem

Earn additional points when you:

  • refer a peer
  • publish a paper
  • provide a testimonial about our products
  • write a blog article or
  • do a presentation about your work with our kits

Eligible Kits include:

Oragene•DNA Oragene•DISCOVER OMNIgene ORAcollect
for Pediatrics
OC-175 RE-100

Program Overview

The Molecular Club™ Points Program (the “ Molecular Club”) is part of a customer appreciation program offered by DNA Genotek Inc. (“DNA Genotek”, “us”, “our” or “we”) to customers of DNA Genotek. The Program allows persons who have completed the membership enrolment steps in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and who have been issued a confirmation email (the “Program Members” or “Members”) to collect Molecular Club points when making purchases from DNA Genotek (“Eligible Purchases”), and to redeem Molecular Club points for free products or rebates offered by DNA Genotek from time to time. Members acquire no vested right or entitlement to the continued availability of any particular reward or benefit, or redemption level.

Enrolment in the Program Membership

Membership is free and no initial purchase is required in order to become a Member.

Eligibility: To enrol, you must conduct genetic or microbiome based research and purchase directly from DNA Genotek. Purchases made through a distributor are not eligible for the program. At a minimum, you must provide your first name, last name, a valid email address, your institution name and agree to allow us to contact you by email. You may also be asked to provide data such as type of research you conduct, country in which you reside, what sample types you collect and what type of educational content you would like to receive. Only one Molecular Club Account is permitted per person.

To become a Member, contact a DNA Genotek representative or visit www.dnagenotek.com/US/molecularclub and complete the online form. To become a valid Member, you must complete the enrolment process by providing complete and accurate information and indicating your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

After completion, you will receive a welcome email. Membership may be revoked at any time by DNA Genotek in the event of breach of the Terms and Conditions of the Program by a Member, misuse or abuse of the Program by a Member, fraud, and/ or any other actions deemed by DNA Genotek to be contrary to the Program or the interests of its Members.

Membership benefits apply only to the individual Molecular Club Points Account holder. However Members within the same institution may pool their rewards in order to redeem for Eligible Product for a valid research project or evaluation.

You must advise us immediately of any changes of Personal Information (as defined herein) including name, address, and email address either by asking a DNA Genotek representative to update the information or by emailing points@dnagenotek.com. DNA Genotek shall not be liable for misdirected email or mail communications, including any notices under these Terms and Conditions or any consequences thereof where your Personal Information is inaccurate or no longer valid. If we believe that some of our records are inaccurate, we may contact you to verify our records. We reserve the right to cancel any Account for which we have incomplete or inaccurate Personal Information and all points redemptions on that Account may be blocked and any points awarded may be forfeited. The submission of false or fictitious Personal Information will result in all the Molecular Club points accumulated on an Account being forfeited.

DNA Genotek reserves the right to refuse issuance of an Account to any person who does not qualify or does not follow the prescribed enrolment procedures.

Molecular Club Points Program Membership is only available to academic researchers. Molecular Club Membership will not be available to corporations, businesses, charities, partnerships, enterprises, schools or anyone other than an individual, unless written approval is received in advance from DNA Genotek, in its sole discretion. Molecular Club points will not be awarded if in DNA Genotek’s reasonable opinion the products redeemed will be used for resale or commercial use and any Molecular Club points awarded on such purchases will be forfeited.

Collection of Molecular Club Points

To collect Molecular Club points following enrolment, you must make Eligible Purchases directly from DNA Genotek.

Molecular Club points will be awarded at the rate of 5 points for each Eligible Kit Purchased.

DNA Genotek may offer special promotions from time to time including additional Molecular Club points (“Molecular Club bonus points”) and/or other rewards. Such Molecular Club bonus points, once awarded, shall form part of the Member’s Molecular Club points balance (the Molecular Club points and bonus Molecular Club points are collectively referred to as “Molecular Club points”). Points awarded are subject to DNA Genotek’s approval.

Members may also inquire about their Molecular Club points balance by contacting their DNA Genotek representative or by submitting a request form online here.

DNA Genotek’s standard Return/Exchange Policy applies. In the event of a return/exchange of any Eligible Kit Purchase, Molecular Club points will be deducted automatically from the Account that was used for the Eligible Kit Purchased. Upon the return and/or exchange of DNA Genotek products awarded through the redemption of Molecular Club points, all redeemed Molecular Club points will be added back to the Member Account upon DNA Genotek receipt of the returned product provided the product is in the same condition as when it was initially sent to the Member.

Molecular Club points may be transferred with explicit written consent from one Member to another in the same institution. Members may request a transfer of Molecular Club points through their DNA Genotek representative or through this link. An email will be sent to update whether the transfer request was accepted or denied.

Upon the death of a Member, the Member’s Account will be closed and any Molecular Club points in the Account will be forfeited.

If a Member is not active for 18 consecutive calendar months the Membership will be deemed inactive and all accumulated Molecular Club points will be forfeited.

Assignment and Redemption of Points

Members must actively join the Molecular Club program and agree to all terms and conditions at www.dnagenotek.com/US/molecularclub before any points can be redeemed or awarded. The email address used at the point of sign-up must be the same email on the customer’s Account that DNA Genotek has on file.

Molecular Club points may be redeemed for rewards consisting of a predetermined number of Eligible Kits Purchased directly from DNA Genotek, in accordance with the Molecular Club points redemption schedule in force on the date when the Molecular Club points are redeemed by the Member (“Redemption Transaction”).

Kits obtained through redeemed points cannot be used for any clinical application where the user would be reimbursed.

Redemption rate is one free Eligible Kit for every 125 points earned


A Molecular Club Member that previously purchased:

  • 25 kits is now eligible to receive 1 free kit on their next order
  • 200 kits is now eligible to receive 8 free kits on their next order

There is a maximum number of Molecular Club points that may be redeemed in any single Redemption Transaction. Based on the example above the maximum that a Member can redeem in any single Redemption Transaction is 6,250 Molecular Club points or 50 kits. Points will not be awarded for kits ordered through a Redemption Transaction.

Products Eligible for Molecular Club points redemption will be posted at www.dnagenotek.com/US/molecularclub and are updated on a periodic basis.

DNA Genotek will not be liable or responsible in any manner for any tax consequences or any charge imposed by or with the authority of any government, which may flow from any participation in the Molecular Club Points Program.

Molecular Club points have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash.

The accumulation of Molecular Club points does not entitle the Program Members to any vested rights, and DNA Genotek does not guarantee in any way the continued availability of any reward, redemption level, rebate or any other benefit.


For the most current version of the DNA Genotek Privacy Policy please see http://www.dnagenotek.com/US/company/privacy.html

General Information

The Molecular Club Points Program may be terminated at any time and for any reason by DNA Genotek.

DNA Genotek will provide notice by e-mail to the Program Members, at least thirty (30) days before the Termination Date of the Molecular Club Points Program. In this case, all Molecular Club points collected by Members will be redeemable for a minimum of sixty (60) days after the Termination Date; OR b) The Member notifies DNA Genotek that it no longer wishes to be a Member.

A Member may contact DNA Genotek regarding The Molecular Club Points Program by email at points@dnagenotek.com, by posted mail at 3000 - 500 Palladium Drive, Ottawa, ON, Canada K2V 1C2 Attention: The Molecular Club Points Program, or by speaking to a DNA Genotek sales representative.

If DNA Genotek gives a Notice of Termination, it may, in its sole discretion, establish a replacement program.

If events beyond DNA Genotek’s control materially affect DNA Genotek’s ability to operate the Program, the Program may be suspended or terminated without notice.

Your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions on-line constitutes your agreement to all the Terms and Conditions of the Program.

Any abuse by a Member of the Program’s privileges, any failure by a Member to follow the Program’s Terms and Conditions, or any misrepresentation by a Member may subject the Member to expulsion from the Program, including forfeiture of all accumulated Molecular Club points.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information herein is correct. DNA Genotek is not responsible for any errors or omissions in printed copies of these Terms and Conditions nor those published from time to time on its website.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein. DNA Genotek has the final authority as to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions and as to any other questions or disputes regarding the Program.

By participating in this Program, you agree that: (i) you will contact us directly and give us the opportunity to try to resolve any and all disputes before you take any action in court, or otherwise; (ii) any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of or connected with the Program shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action; (iii) any and all claims, judgments and awards shall in no event include legal fees; and (iv) under no circumstances will Member be permitted to obtain awards for, and Member hereby waives all rights to claim punitive, incidental and consequential damages and any other damages other than for actual out-of-pocket expenses, and any and all rights to have damages multiplied or otherwise increased.

In the event that any provision in these Terms and Conditions is determined to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

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