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"I found the Oragene/saliva sample collection kit very simple to use. The protocol was easy to follow and time-saving permitting me to perform the extraction amplification and analysis steps in a single day."

Melissa Boweman,
Plexagen Diagnostics Ltd.

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Oragene•DNA (OG-500)

1. Spit into funnel until the amount of liquid saliva (not bubbles) reaches the fill line shown in picture #1.
4. Use the small cap to close the tube tightly.
2. Hold the tube upright with one hand. Close the funnel lid with the other hand (as shown) by firmly pushing the lid until you hear a loud click. The liquid in the lid will be released into the tube to mix with the saliva. Make sure that the lid is closed tightly.
5. Shake the capped tube for 5 seconds. Discard or recycle the funnel.
3. Hold the tube upright. Unscrew the funnel from the tube.
Video instructions

Oragene•DNA – OG-500


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